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Two Toms Stink Free

Two Toms Stink Free

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Two Toms Stink Free

Did you know…
Each human foot has 250,000 sweat glands and releases nearly 1 cup of moisture every day?
Isn’t that amazing?!! Maybe even gross.. no wonder people have smelly feet. But is it really their feet that smell? You’re feet don’t smell when you wear sandals or go bare foot. You’re feet only smell when they have been trapped inside a shoe or sock all day long!

So how do you make that smell go away? You can’t control the sweat glands but you can help fight the smell! How??

It’s Your Shoes!!!!

What is Stink Free?
Stink Free has been scientifically formulated to kill the bacteria in your shoes! That’s right..The smell of those thousands of sweat glands in your feet is getting trapped in your shoes! If you kill off the bacteria that grows in your shoes when you wear them, you’re feet will be less likely to smell. Kill the smelly shoes! And unlike other products, Stink Free leaves behind no smell!

How to Apply
During your first application, spray Stink Free 2 or 3 times in shoes depending on the strength of the odor. After that, spray Stink Free into shoes 2 or 3 times per week. Always allow time for the shoes to dry. Of course, individual need & personal preference will vary.

And – you can use Stink Free on shoes, gloves, gym bags and more. It is safe to use with or without socks.