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Sport Quest Interphase Recovery Matrix
A staff favorite!

Sport Quest Interphase Recovery Matrix

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Swiss Chocolate

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Sport Quest Interphase Recovery Matrix

A staff favorite, alot of us Interphase at Gear West. It tastes great and works as recovery drink or meal replacement. Hands down the best recovery product we've found. We've yet to find a customer that didn't like its taste and that's something we can't say about most any other recovery drink.

Each 50 gram serving provides 34 grams of highly bio-available, non-denatured proteins such as ion-exchange crossflow membrane whey protein isolates and concentrates, peptides, micellar casein, calcium caseinate, egg protein isolates, and free-form amino acids,and cofactors and coenzymes. The product is allergen-free; lactose-free; and gluten-free.
It is designed for hard training power, strength, and endurance athletes to help with quick recovery and stress tolerance. It can be taken any time; before or after exercise, between meals or to complement a light meal, in order to enhance protein synthesis and increase and maintain muscle growth and help with critical metabolic functions and homeostasis. After ingestion, these different proteins consisting of a rich supply of di, tri, and oligo peptides, and amino acids, are emptied from the stomach at different times, some slower than the others, in such a way that a continuous supply and flow into the blood stream and muscles is maintained. This process of sustained release extends the anabolic window of opportunity for up to several hours, during which maximum protein synthesis and muscle growth can occur. The MATRIX maintains peak positive nitrogen balance at all times.