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Brands We Carry

Quintana RooQuintana Roo was the first company to make a triathlon bike with what is now the standard 78 degree seat tube angle. QR has continued to innovate. They now have 6 models of triathlon specific bikes all utilizing carbon fiber frames. They have what is called the 'Fit Line' along with the 'Shift Series'. All QR bikes utilize high quality component groups which include both Shimano and SRAM. The Fit line is designed to get you to T2 quickly, and ready for the run. The Shift technology diverts concentrated airflow away from the driveside to produce a measurable bike advantage no matter who the athlete.


Jim Felt made his name as a bike builder by making the bike that Paula Newby-Fraser won several of her Ironman titles on in the early 1990's. Gear West first carried Felt in 1996 when they had just one triathlon model. Four years later, Felt had a complete line of both triathlon and road bikes to choose from, and now cruiser and unique single-speed bikes. The bikes look great, perform wonderfully and are impressive values. The demand for Felt bikes has so dramatically increased over the years that they have been selling well beyond their forecasts. Gear West carries both the road and tri bikes so stop in and see what the demand is all about.


This is the western hemisphere's largest bicycle company. You only achieve this by offering the products that consumers want. Trek continues to innovate and improve on every aspect of the business. Trek has incredible value in their entire bike line, from the family bikes through to their carbon fiber race bikes. Look at the huge number of models we carry from Trek and you will be sure to find one that fits your needs.


Zipp has been producing the worlds fastest wheels since 1991. Their expertise in carbon came from the Indy race car industry. They have set the bar in the bike industry for the best products. In the last several years they have dominated both triathlon and road racing; Zipp wheels are the most popular race wheels by more than 100% over the number two brand.


This German company still produces their racing tires in Germany. The quality of these tires come from a hands-on manufacturinand top class materials, together with unsurpassed knowledge and experience. We all ride nothing but their GP4000 clincher on our training wheels and there tubular Competitions on our race wheels and reccomend nothing less for our customers.

blueseventy is a New Zealand based company, with an emphasis in technical performance swim products. Named for the simple fact that 70% of the world is covered in water. blueseventy's mission is to make products that enhance the experience of swimming.

Most people view Shimano as the company which makes derailleurs and such for bikes. They are far more important to the bike industry than that. There are several companies who make quality bike components. However, all of these companies are simply following Shimano's lead. Shimano sets the standard each and every year when it comes to innovation.

SRAM is a company that has been quietly growing without most people noticing. They started with Gripshift and grew into a company which includes names like Rock Shox, Truvativ, Avid, and now Zipp. Their entry into the road drivetrain market several years has propeled them even further into the realm of a major bike component manufacturer.

Power Tap has been widely noticed since the adoption of "training by power" by top tier professional athletes. This rear hub power meter measures the amount of torque you are producing 60 times per second and instantly converts it into wattage. If you want to train more efficiently then the Power Tap hub is the best way to do it.

Kurt Kinetic has been producing the highest quality, real-to-road feeling trainers for decades now. Based out of Minnesota, Kurt Kinetic is a part of Kurt Manufacturing, the producer of high end parts for companies such as Polaris, John Deer, Lockheed Martin, and many others. Kinetic trainers are guaranteed not to leak and will give you endless hours of indoor training. Look for the distinctly colored green trainers in our store.