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Be It On Road or Mountain, Gravel or Snow

Whether for transportation, recreation, fitness goals or racing – bicycles bring us the freedom of mobility. Bicycles represents escape, adventure and discovery. They offer the exhilaration of speed, the tranquility of motor-less motion, the challenge and satisfaction of producing one’s own power. For most, a bike brought us our first sense of independence. For many, that experience continued as cycling became a lifelong passion. Riding a bicycle is a beautiful activity. For everyone who calls themselves a cyclist – you know how happy riding a bike makes us. 

We love riding bikes during all seasons. We love riding bikes for all sorts of reasons. Be it on road or mountian, gravel or snow, there’s a bike out there designed to carry us through.

Though Gear West has built a strong reputation around triathlon, we carry a diversity of bikes that offer many opportunities and reflect our passion for cycling.



Triathlon Bike

At first glance they may look strikingly similar, but triathlon bikes are so much more than road bikes fitted out with aerobars. It’s true that road bikes and tri bikes share many of the same components and that their frames are built with the same materials. Both are light weight and known for their racing prowess, but while road bikes are quick and agile, upon the courses of most triathlons – a tri bike is the faster of the two. Its unique frame geometry also allows a triathlete to transition to the run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Gear West is recognized as being an authority on triathlon bikes and related equipment and we stock more triathlon specific product than most anywhere in the Midwest. To have a better understanding of triathlon bikes, visit our Triathlon Bike or Road Bike page.

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Road Bike

Road bikes are often associated with racing — for good reason since this is what they initially were designed for. Fact is, very few are actually raced. Most of us who ride road bikes do so because it's the closest thing to flying under one's own power without actually leaving the ground. The miles can roll by on a frame of just a few pounds paired with wheels and tires having little rotational weight and minimal rolling resistance. Soaring up hills and controlling hairpin corners with precision and confidence makes for an exhilarating and rewarding ride.

Recently, manufacturers began designing road bikes to appeal to a more diverse group of riders. Gone are the days of long, laid out reaches to the handle bars. Many of today’s frame geometries offer shorter top tubes and taller head tubes that don’t diminish aerodynamics appreciatively, but increase comfort significantly. These road bikes are fun, fast and versatile — and while there are still road bikes that cost more than your first car, there are plenty others with very pedestrian prices.


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 Variable Road

Variable Road Bike

Maybe it's been awhile since you bought a new bike. Maybe it's been awhile since you've even been on a bike – but you’ve got friends who invite you to ride with them. Some of these guys have some pretty high-tech road bikes. Some are dedicated cyclists who have a garage full of different types of bikes. You’re not that guy. You want just one bike – one that will keep up with the roadies, but still allow you to ride the Luce Line Trail or a gravel ride in Southern  Minnesota. Think Variable Road Bike. This new classification of bike spans an entire spectrum of price and performance that can meet the demands of your budding interests in cycling. Equipped with 28mm to 32mm tires and disc brakes, a VR bike is ready to go on most any packed surface. If you’re looking for a little more confidence when the pavement ends, the frames will accomadate many knobby tires up to 35mm wide.

We’re often asked if we could have just one bike, what would we ride? We’re supper excited about these bikes and think that this might just be that bike. It just might be that one bike for you too.

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Fat Bike

Remeber the feeling you had when you first conqured riding a bike after the traning wheels were removed? Want to get satisfaction back? We promise you’ll discover that youthful exuberance on a fat bike. There’s simply no better way to expain it other than to say that they’re just plain fun!

Fat bikes were originally developed to take on winter, and that’s what they still do best. But not only do they plow through snow – they’ll conqure rocks and ruts like Godzilla trampling Tokyo. And the best part to having a fat bike is that there is an ever-expanding number of trails to ride them on in every corner of the Metro Area.

Get out and see what you can conqure on a fat bike – be it winter, spring, summer, fall – the Minnesota River Bottoms or perhaps the entire Metro Area!

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When you first think of an electric bike, you may imagine something like a scooter or mo-ped, but all you need to picture is nothing much more than a typical bicycle. It would be more accurate to call an electric bike an eclectic-assist or pedal-assist bike. An eBike is ridden just like a regular bike while an electric motor augments the power produced from pedaling. In this sense ebikes are not motorized bikes. If you don’t pedal, you won't be going anywhere.

Electric-assist bikes have been long excepted overseas and now they’re making a welcomed entry into the United States. The early adopters of eBikes have considered the implications and possibilities: working less and riding faster, extending the distance of miles ridden, keeping up with more accomplished riders, conquering hills and defeating headwinds. To have a better understanding of eBikes, visit our eBike Information  page. 

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