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Wetsuit Rentals

Anyone who's ever done an early season triathlon in Minnesota knows how cold our lakes can be in the spring. For that matter, anyone who has done any triathlon in Minnesota during any time of year knows how cold our lakes can be throughout the entire season. Much of the time, the only way to enjoy the swim is with a triathlon wetsuit. The good news is that Gear West Bike & Triathlon rents both sleeveless and full sleeved wetsuits.

The wetsuit rental period is Wednesday through Tuesday, giving you plenty of time to try the suit out before your race. Reserve your suit early. We have a full size-run of both men's and women's wetsuits, however we do run out during popular race weekends.

All rentals are listed by size and weekend available in our online catalog. Rent Here.

Aquasphere Pursuit

Aquasphere Pursuit

Sleeveless Wetsuits are easier to get on and some people feel less chest restriction because of the open shoulders. Sleeveless suits are not as warm as full sleeved suits and have slightly less buoyancy.

Aquasphere Challenger

Aquasphere Challenger

Full Sleeved Wetsuits are warmer than sleeveless wetsuits and provide slightly more buoyancy. However, it is important to try on full sleeved suits. If the torso does not fit your body you may feel impingement in your shoulders and swim stroke.

Men's Sizing

Women's Sizing

Size Weight Height
S 139 – 161 lbs 65 – 69 in
M 155 – 175 lbs 68 – 73 in
ML 165 – 198 lbs 70 – 75 in
L 187 – 215 lbs 73 – 76 in
XL 207 – 242 lbs 75 – 80 in
XXL 242+ lbs 78+ in
Size Weight Height
S 110 – 125 lbs 61 – 65 in
M 120 – 145 lbs 65 – 69 in
L 140 – 165 lbs 68 – 73 in
XL 165+ lb 73+ in

Rental Details

  • Wetsuit rentals are $40 for the week for a sleeveless suit and $60 for the week for a full sleeved. Rentals by reservation. This price covers the week long rental period from Wednesday through the following Tuesday.
  • All rentals require payment in full at time of reservation. Rentals are non-refundable as your reservation means we are turning away others who would like to rent a wetsuit.
  • All rentals are listed by size and weekend available in our online catalog. Rent Here.

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