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Maintenance and Repair

$45 Pre-Race Tune–Up & Safety Check

This tune-up is for those who require one last check before race day. It includes installation of race wheels, spot truing of wheels, adjustment and lubrication of derailleurs and brakes, and all clamps and bolts are checked for safety and proper torque.

(Price does not include cost of any parts)

$80 Complete Tune–Up

The full tune-up covers the entire bike. Wheels are cleaned and trued, frame is wiped down, brakes and derailleurs adjusted and lubricated, headset and bottom bracket adjusted and tightened and all clamps and bolts checked for safety and proper torque.

(Price does not include cost of any parts)

*$70 for Single Speed

$140 Drivetrain Tune–Up

This Tune-Up concentrates on the cleaning of the drivetrain. We do everything listed in the Complete Tune-Up plus: Removal and solvent bath of components to clean grease and grime from the crankset, cassette, chain, and front and rear derailleurs. We then lubricate the parts as we install them back onto the frame.

(Price does not include cost of any parts)

$230 Overhaul Tune–Up

This Tune-Up includes the work performed in a Complete Tune-Up and the cleaning of the Drivetrain Tune-Up. The Overhaul Tune-Up also includes complete removal, cleaning and greasing of the bottom bracket and headset. We will also replace brake and derailleur cables and housing.

(Price does not include cost of any parts)

Bike Builds and Pack for Shipment

We're happy to build up your bike, whether it's a bike returning from a race or vacation or one that was purchased somewhere else. Bring it in or have it dropped shipped to us. We will re-assemble and tune your bike so that it's ready to ride at it's peak performance. We also provide fitting services for any bike. Need a bike packed for shipment? We will break-down your bike, swaddle it generously with packing material and put it in an appropriate bicycle shipping box. Please call us at 952-473-0093 to make arrangements for a bike that will be dropped shipped to us or if you would like to schedule a bike fitting.

(Price does not include cost of any parts)

Ala Carte Service Details
  • Hourly Rate: $70/hr
  • A $15 surcharge may be added for extra cleaning.
  • A $20 surcharge will be added for Tandems & Recumbents.
  • In certain instances, service work will require a down payment.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service.
  • Bikes left more than 14 days following completion of service are subject to a storage fee of $1/day.