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Training Tools

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Aqua Sphere Anti-Fog

Aqua Sphere Anti-Fog Solution gives you crystal clear vision through your mask or goggles. Prevents fogging of any Aqua Sphere swim mask or goggle lens. Apply to an already anti- fog coated lens to enhance the action. [more]

Aqua Sphere Speed Swim Cap
$14.95 - $14.99

Much of a swimmers body heat is lost through the head while swimming. The Aqua Speed Plus with Chin Strap is a Polyurethane coated spandex swim cap that provides the comfort of a fabric cap with the thermal properties of a neoprene cap. The Aqua Speed Plus is not designed to keep water out, but… [more]

Aqua Sphere Ergoflex Hand Paddles

The innovative construction of the ErgoFlex hand paddle combines stiff polypropylene “bones” with a soft and flexible rubber frame which offers resistance while providing a feel for the water. The Ergonomic contour of the ErgoFlex paddle is designed to mimic the shape of the hand and allows for… [more]

Aqua Sphere Microfin HP Fins

The Microfin HP is a stiff, short blade training fin for the competitive swimmer looking to take time off. The closed heel foot pocket is fitted to efficiently transfer power from foot to fin while the short blade is calibrated to allow for a consistent kick tempo while maintaining proper… [more]

Aqua Sphere Resistance Cords

Aqua Sphere Resistance Cords are perfect in and out of the water for a total-body work-out that will strengthen and tone all major muscle groups. Also great for rehabilitation, the Resistance Cords build joint and ligament strength. Made of a durable, nylon-coated elastic band, the resistance cord… [more]

Aqua Sphere MP Focus Swim Snorkel

The Focus swim snorkel features a unique, low-profile design that has been engineered for maximum comfort and durability, allowing the swimmer to focus solely on technique and proper body position by eliminating breathing motion. • Unique, low-profile, hydrodynamic tube reduces drag and eases… [more]

Blue Seventy Core Shorts

Built with the same top of the line materials as our award winning Helix the core short is designed to simulate the lift of a wetsuit resulting in a seamless adjustment to swimming on race day. It will improve distance per stroke, speed and body position all without the bulk and drag of a pull… [more]

Finis Snorkel Cardio Cap

Designed specifically for the Adult and Jr Swimmer?s Snorkel, the Snorkel Cardio Cap can be used for hypoxic training, which increases the ability of muscles to work better when oxygen levels are low. The Snorkel Cardio Cap replicates higher altitude workouts. The Snorkel Cardio Cap improves… [more]

Finis Forearm Fulcrum

The Forearm Fulcrum paddle improves the efficiency of a swimmer's stroke by holding the wrist, elbow and shoulder at the optimal position while focusing on technique development opposed to strength building. The Forearm Fulcrum paddle is designed to complement paddles, by improving the stroke… [more]

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

Develop consistency and avoid lulls with a personal pace coach, the Tempo Trainer Pro. The small, waterproof device easily secures under a swimmer’s cap and transmits an audible tempo beep. Athletes use the beep to train smarter and discover their perfect pace. Now with the option to replace the… [more]

Finis Aquapulse Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor

Never stop to check your heart rate again. With the AquaPulse® Heart Rate Monitor your current heart rate is verbally announced while you swim. Simply slip the AquaPulse® inside your goggle strap, attach the soft rubber clip to your earlobe, and go swim. Using an infrared sensor to monitor… [more]

Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor

The Swimsense® is a groundbreaking training tool, which captures critical performance data. The monitor straps onto the wrist like a watch and uses accelerometers, magnetometers and patent-pending proprietary algorithms to identify your swim. Analyze your performance on the device with pace times,… [more]

ISHOF Safe Swimmer Float

The SaferSwimmer™ Float is specifically designed to provide a safety aide for open water swimmers, serving three important functions without hindering performance or hindering your stroke. When considering personal safety and peace of mind for you and those who care about you consider the following… [more]

Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs

PRODUCT DETAILS: Ergonomic shape for ultimate comfort. Specialized shapes minimize leakage. Soft and comfortable. Easy to put in and remove. Care box included. Import. Instructions for use: While holding the cylindrical portion of the plug, insert the ear plug into the ear. Push into the ear canal… [more]

Speedo Silicone Cap

A silicone cap will last much longer than our standard lycra cap. Remember to pick a bright color for safety and visibility if you'll be doing open water triathlon training. Features: - Superior, soft texture. - Excellent stretch, pliability, and durability. - Does not pull hair when removing or… [more]

Speedo Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap
$9.99 - $11.99

Swimmers with long hair can rejoice- long locks can be swept up into this cap which provides extra room in the back. • Silicone fabric is gentler on hair and will not pull out as much [more]

Speedo Mix-A-Lot Pull Buoy

Camo meets tie-dye with the useful Speedo Mix-A-Lot Pull Buoy. With a fun design, this pull buoy helps to elevate your lower body for a streamlined, correct body position in the water that enhances your technique and speed. Features Swim pull buoy. Improves upper body strength. Elevates hips and… [more]

Speedo Nemesis Contour Paddle

The perfect fitness paddle for all swimming abilities. Tubercels, inspired by humpback whale fins, increase surface area along the paddle's edge, pushing more water and creating a smooth pulling trajectory. Contoured shape helps the swimmer feel the proper hand position for water entry. Improved… [more]

19 Results