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10th Annual Gear West University

Thompson Training Tips Edition

With Professional Triathlete David Thompson

Gear West Bike & Tri

1786 W. Wayzata Blvd.

Long Lake, MN  55356


Sunday, March 15th, 2015

7am to 11am

Learn training tips from local pro David Thompson
Registration is $50 for the entire morning

David’s no-nonsense approach to training and racing has produced more than 90 overall victories over his 12 year professional triathlon career and has taken him from an average high school runner to one of the more recognized and respected professionals on the triathlon circuit. His humble nature is born from the hard work it took to go from an amateur triathlete with potential to a top-tier pro who is equally proficient in all disciplines. In the triathlon circle many want to make training seem so very complicated where David’s approach to training and recovery will get any triathlete ready to reach their potential without sacrificing other aspects of their life such as family and career.

In this year’s edition of Gear West University, David will walk you through a race from a competitive point of view, guide you through setting up your own training plan, cover training specifics on each discipline and perform live demo of workouts

Class Schedule

7am Triathlon Prep

8am Developing a training plan

9am Swimming, Cycling, Running

10:45am Thompson Timeless Transition

Class Descriptions

7am Triathlon Prep: What to expect on race day, and how to prepare for it. This hour won’t only be for first-time triathletes. Everyone will learn something about being more efficient on race morning, race execution, and course knowledge, as well as the other steps David takes which allow him to stay calm and cool as the race approaches.

  • David demo packing and unpacking a bike and gear for a travel race.
  • Detail a race weekend schedule
  • Show and explain modification to race gear and packing
  • Explain strategies for a flawless race day

8am Developing a Training Plan: This is a simple but effective protocol for setting up a training plan for you. David will explain what has worked for him in 18 years in triathlon, and help you set up your own training plan for 2015 as he goes. Afterwards you should have a 3-6 month plan set out with specific workout goals to be your best at your target triathlon.

9am Swimming, Cycling, Running: David will cover training specifics for each discipline and give live demonstrations for workouts. You’ll also be able to try out a power meter to get a better idea the concept of “train with power means”

  • Swim Training With most triathletes coming from a non-swimming background this is the athletic discipline which requires the most attention. However, most triathletes approach swim training the same way they approach running or cycling and have disappointing swim results. David will help you understand how to build a swim workout to match your skill and fitness and how to adjust your workouts as your times improve.
  • Cycling and Running with Intensity - David puts fewer trainingmiles on his bike than any of the guys he races against. Yet he is one of the fastest cyclists in the sport. He has the bike course records at more than a dozen triathlons including Escape from Alcatraz and Life Time Fitness Minneapolis. His incredible cycling speed has come from efficient training and key workouts. It may sound simple but David helps you understand by seeing first-hand what it means to ride ‘hard’ during interval training and what it means to ride ‘easy’ on a recovery ride.
  • Using Speed to train for Distance - David has never been accused of sand bagging a workout. As an athlete who’s body does not tolerate a lot of running miles he has carefully crafted his run training to get the most out of each and every run. This concept helps you develop the heart of a champion and save time training. If you have limitless time and your body can handle as many run miles as cycling miles, you might as well cut out early and go for a long, slow run.

10:45: Thompson Timeless Transition: Free Time. Not much is free in this world but efficient transitions do equal free time. There is literally no one in triathlon who has faster transitions. Stick around for a quick lesson on how to practice the flying mount and the full speed dismount.

At Day’s end you will have the information which will allow you to better understand how to ‘design’ a training program which works for you based on your goals and limitations. Our objective is for you to be able to evaluate where you are today and thus plan your workouts so that you can get the most out of your time to get you where you want to be tomorrow.

Course Presenters

David Thompson: David was often viewed as the fastest cyclist in the sport of triathlon, now his competitors are concerned with his equally strong swim and run. Like all the true pros, he has no weak event. David works part time at GW Bike where he never uses his nuclear engineering degree.