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TriBike Transport

Tri Bike Transport is a service that transports bikes from select drop-off sites to a number of popular races across the country. With TriBike Transport, there is no need to break your bike down and package it for shipping and your bike will be all but ready to ride when you reach your destination. Therefore TriBike Transport is a popular alternative to services such as UPS or checking a bike in as luggage at the airport.

Gear West Bike and Triathlon is not a business associate of TriBike Transport. Our relationship with them exists simply as a service to our customers. We do not get paid, rewarded, or reimbursed by TriBike Transport, nor do we charge customers to drop off and store their bikes within a 7 day period before the bike pick up date or after its return by TriBike Transport.*

Do Not call us to schedule a pick-up. All inquires should be made to TriBike Transport. TriBike Transport

Below is the current schedule of races that TriBike Transport will be offering their services through Gear West Bike and Triathlon. Drop-off dates are included with our closing time for that day. If you would like your bike serviced before your race, please make arrangements with our service department at least one week before the scheduled drop-off date. 952-473-0093.

*Bikes left at Gear West Bike and Triathlon after 7 days following their return will be charged $2.00 a day storage fee.

Pre-Scheduled Service

If you would like to preschedule bike service to be completed upon return of your bike by TriBike Transport, please let us know using the form below.

Please choose the services you would like performed upon return of your bike from your race, one of our mechanics will contact you for details.

Schedule of TriBike Tranport Pickups

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•Pre-ace Tune is for those who require one last check before race day. •Full Tune Up includes cleaning the bike, truing the wheels, adjusting detailers and brakes. •Drive Train Tune Up includes Full Tune services in addition to removing the drive train and deep cleaning in a citrus solvent bath.
Pre-Race Tune Up & Safety Check - $45
Full Tune Up - $80
Drive Train Tune Up - $130
Bike Cleaning
Full clean of bike and wheels. Does not include mechanical adjustments.
A La Carte
If you would like anything other than a tune up or bike cleaning, please let us know here.

Note: * indicates required information.