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Tacx Virtual Reality Winter Time Trail

Starting today, November 23rd, Gear West Bike and Triathlon will be holding an open-to-all Virtual Time Trial Series taking place in store on the Tacx Fortius Virtual Reality trainer.    Each Time Trial "Event" will run 1 month, at which time we will change courses.   The Male and Female winners from each age-group after the month will not only receive a $10 GWB&Tri gift certificate, you'll have bragging rights all month. 

This is a unique opportunity to not only try out the best Virtual Reality Cycling Software available, but also to get a benchmark for your winter fitness, as the Tacx system will also measure your power, heart rate and cadence.  

Feel free to bring in your own bike to ride, or use one of ours. 

Here's the TT courses:
November 23-December 23:
  Tour of Lombardy 3.6 mile TT (Italy)
December 26-January 25:     Alpe D' Huez uphill TT (2.5 miles)
January 26-February 26:       Tour of Flanders TT (8 miles)

Several of us have already done the Tour of Lombardy 3.6 mile TT to set a baseline time.   Trust us, 3.6 miles all out is one of the hardest things you can do. 

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Results for round 1 (3.6 mile segment from the Tour of Lombardy).   The "highlight" of this TT was the almost 1 mile climb halfway through the course.  Since the Tacx takes your weight into account, this climb allowed the smaller riders like Christopher (130 lbs) to post a faster time than say Dan (180 lbs) while averaging almost 60 watts less.  This also forced myself, weighing in at 200lbs (don't judge me... it's the offseason), to kill myself to maintain a small gap over Christopher.    I should also point out that Drew did the TT with my "body" (we forgot to switch the profiles and he did he rode the course as a 200 pounder), so his time is a little slower than what he could actually do with his own body which weighs significantly less.  

Name Ave. Watts Max Watts Time
Curt Wood 467 600 9:30
Christopher Johnston 306 434 9:53
Dan Cohen 367 501 10:59
John Deering 338 459 11:12
Sven Kroese 314 558 11:22
Scott Ransom 335 528 11:39
Brian Maas 269 402 12:50
Rich Spielberg 269 409 12:54
Paul 284 523 13:13
Suzie Finger 231 333 13:16
Drew Frakes 282 500 13:29
Harvey Skees 258 479 13:59
Marissa Skees 118 209 17:19

Coach Dan gave it a go even though according to him he was "out of shape"