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Gear West Bike Fitting

Gear West Bike & Triathlon has always fit people on their bikes with one simple philosophy; if you are comfortable - you will perform better. This works on so many levels. Greater comfort will allow you to create more power on your bike. Greater comfort will get you excited about riding more. Riding more will bring better fitness, etc...

With Gear West Bike & Triathlon fitting an average of nearly two bikes per day, the Gear West staff does more bike fittings than most shops anywhere. This leads to a unique and proprietary system for fitting people based on their needs. Everyone at Gear West Bike & Triathlon fits a rider based on our simple philosophy that comfort is the number one objective.

Gear West Bike & Triathlon is the largest brick and mortar triathlon shop in the country, which leads to more tri bike fittings than any other shop. Owner Kevin O'Connor and his staff have real world experience racing on many levels. This race experience allows Gear West Bike & Triathlon a unique perspective when it comes to fitting fellow athletes.


For many riders aerodynamic positioning is important. Gear West understands this and has traveled to the MIT wind tunnel to study first-hand the effects of rider positioning on aerodynamics. We use this knowledge to fit riders in an optimized aerodynamic position. If this positioning is comfortable for a rider it will result in a faster bike split. If it is uncomfortable, it will likely lead to a slower bike split, a challenging run, and in some cases injury. This is why Gear West focuses on rider comfort for the majority of athletes requesting a fit. When aerodynamics is a concern for an athlete we look for the optimal combination of aerodynamics and comfort. We believe that this will result in the fastest bike/run combination for an athlete.

No Fit Kit

The standard "fit" systems have become popular for one reason. Fit systems can help a bike shop with limited fitting experience get customers into an adequate position. A "fit kit" simply takes measurements of a person and plugs it into a formula. Essentially, this is a fit done by numbers, and it might get a rider close, but not into a perfect position. There are far too many variables; experience, injuries, flexibility, goals, fitness and age that a "fit kit" does not take into account. Only an experienced bike fitter can fit you in the position that is best for you.

Fitting Protocol

The fitting protocol Gear West uses maximizes both comfort and power for the athlete. Gear West has unique experiences with a full range of athletes who turn to us to make cycling more enjoyable. We know that proper fit is not an exact science. It is something that is best learned through experience. We don't use static measurements or antiquated formulas to put you into a position that isn't specifically designed for your uniqueness. We don't use any "fit system", frankly because those will only, at best, get an athlete close to the right position. A standardized set of fit measurements and formulas are no substitution for experience and the willingness to get to know and understand the needs of a rider. The protocol we have developed puts you in the position that is best for YOU.

Why Gear West Bike & Triathlon

Shops like to brag about what pro athletes they have worked with in an attempt to impress you. Gear West can do the same. In fact, we have the fastest cyclist in the sport of triathlon, David Thompson, on staff fitting people. But more importantly, what distinguishes Gear West is our understanding that most people are not elite athletes. We know that fitting an elite athlete is easy because of their level of fitness and experience. We have learned far more from the thousands of everyday athletes than from the dozens of elite athletes that we have worked with.

Gear West Fitting Options

Gear West Complete Bike Fit

This is our most popular bike fitting. If you are looking to improve the fitting and performance of your current bike, this is a critical place to start. First we'll take the time to get to know and understand your needs as a rider; your level of experience and your aspirations. After placing your bike on a fluid trainer, we will start the actual fitting process by evaluating and adjusting the saddle to the appropriate height as well as its' for/aft position and tilt. Then we will adjust the bike's cockpit to place it in the correct relationship to you. All of the changes made will be visible via a live/multi-view video available on a monitor in front of you. Throughout the entire process we will explain what adjustments are being made and why. We understand that you may need a follow up visit for some fine tuning even if you leave with a bike fit that feels immediately more comfortable. Those follow-up adjustments are included with the original fitting. This fitting will be the first step to get you riding more comfortably on your bike.

  • Cost: $125.00 for a one hour timeframe.
  • Parts (stems, saddles, etc.) and any additional required labor not included.
  • Please call 952-473-0093 to schedule your appointment for a Gear West Professional Bike Fit.
  • Bring in your bike, cycling shoes, pedals and appropriate cycling attire.


Gear West Quick Fit

We understand that sometimes you need just what the title conveys, a quick fix such as the bike seat set at the appropriate height. Additionally, you may have a bike that is older and you want to ask our advice to make the bike more comfortable and thus more enjoyable to ride. Or perhaps, you are just starting out with a basic bike and you want to keep clear of easily avoided injuries. Whatever the reason, if you are in the need of a keen eye to point you in the right direction, we will make the simple adjustments to get you back out on the road.

  • Cost: $40.00 for a 10-15 minute timeframe.
  • Parts (stems, saddles, etc.) and any additional required labor not included.
  • Please call 952-473-0093 to schedule your appointment for a Gear West Quick Fit.
  • Bring in your bike, cycling shoes, pedals and appropriate cycling attire.
Gear West New Saddle Fit

Needless to say, the bike seat is the most intimate contact point on your bike and the proper saddle is imperative to a comfortable ride. There isn’t anyone in the bike industry that can tell you straight up what the best saddle is for you. Quite honestly, it’s a trial & error process, but our experience can help cut to the chase. The Gear West New Saddle Fitting allows a rider to try many saddles from our large and varied selection while riding their own bike on a trainer and with the assistance of one of our expert fitters. This fitting is designed to take the guess work out of saddle selection and avoids multiple trips to the shop to exchange one saddle for another.

  • Cost: $30.00 for a 30 minute session.
  • Saddle cost and any additional required labor not included.
  • Please call 952-473-0093 to schedule your appointment for a Gear West New Saddle Fit.
  • Bring in your bike, cycling shoes, pedals and appropriate cycling attire.